Hobo the RAPID development web app bulder for Ruby on Rails

Hobo, is an open source web app builder for ruby on rails. Oh wow not another one you say? Well I wouldn’t say that just yet if I were you. Hobo allows for RAPID development of web applications. It has finally reached version 1.0 after being in development for over 3 years.

I have checked Hobo out myself and it really speeds up development and has a lot to offer. To help you get started the Hobo team have released two free ebooks explaining the builder for beginners and then continuing in great detail.

The goal of the Hobo team is to reduce the amount of code you have to write. Face it most web apps have a similar set of basic functionality used over and over so they take advantage of that but at the same time give developers the flexibility we need to create excellent apps.

“It turns out that the hard part is not going fast, but staying flexible. This is where we think Hobo really shines. Of course this approach is common to all frameworks—everything that Rails provides is there because many or all web applications will need it: database connectivity, session management, working with HTTP, etc. etc. The difference with Hobo is that we are trying to take this idea to a much higher level than is normally expected from a web framework. The ultimate goal is: don’t program your application, just declare it.”

I suggest you take a serious and intense look at Hobo. Check out the screencast below by Tom Locke of the Hobo team and even try building a Hobo app in just two minutes

Hobo Screencast – Introduction from Tom Locke on Vimeo.

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