How To Send and Receive E-mail Through Google App Engine for FREE Using Remail

Sending and receiving emails from your Rails apps can be a hassle sometimes. You have to set up queues, pollers, smtp servers and the list goes on. The common answer to this problem is to use GMail smtp servers to send your mail for you.

Taking it a step further is Remail which brings REST to email. This is how the creator Alex MacCaw at puts it. But it really gets very simple: To send an email – just send a POST request to your Remail Google App Engine, and To receive an email – Remail will send a POST request to a callback URL. That’s pretty much all there is to it.

If you’re still skeptical just check out the how to guide which shows you just how to get everything running. Basically a remail engine is deployed onto a Google App Engine Project and you then receive and send the emails over a REST interface provided by the Google app and Google handles the email magic from their end.

What’s the downside? Google App Engine only allows 2000 e-mails to be sent per day on free accounts. This should be enough for most small apps. If you really need more you will have to pay but the prices are not outrageous allowing your ruby on rails application to send millions of e-mails per day reliably. This is definitely worth checking out especially with the ability to receive emails as well as send them.

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