Test Rails 3 Beta easily with BitNami Ruby Stack

BitNami, has released ready to run package of the latest Ruby on Rails 3 beta release called BitNami Ruby Stack. The stack which is integrated makes it very easy for a user to set up a Rails 3 beta environment for development or testing without interfering with other software installed on a his system.

The latest release of BitNami RubyStack includes Ruby and RubyGems, Git, Apache, Nginx, and tons of other components and gems. Basically anything you would need to set up the right environment is included in this release. If this were not enough it is available for free as a native installer, for deployment directly on any platform including the usual Linux, Windows or OS X machine, but also great for virtualisation in VMWare or VirtualBox environment, or as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) for deployment to the Amazon EC2 cloud.

BitNami RubyStack is available for download at http://bitnami.org/stack/rubystack and you can learn a lot more about its capabilities there as well.

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